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IT security and cyber security for your peace of mind

Cyber-threats are not going away. In fact, small firms suffer almost 10,000 cyber attacks a day.  If it happens to your business it’s not just data loss you have to worry about, it’s also about the disruption to your business; the cost of putting the breach right; and the damage to your reputation.

Every business is a potential target, and those with poor IT and cyber security especially so.  With more critical data being stored on your servers, in the cloud, and also on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, your business could be at risk without you even knowing it.

As an experienced local IT services company, we can help identify any cyber security weaknesses and make sure you have the right IT and cyber security systems in place to protect your business.

Comprehensive IT and cyber security against internal threats

Unfortunately, it’s not just external cyber threats you have to worry about – you should also be protecting your business from employees either intentionally exploiting access to your data, or inadvertently exposing it.

We can advise and integrate a number of IT security and cyber security systems to combat such eventualities, including:

Access control and permission management

Ensuring only the right people have access to particular types of data

Data loss protection

Preventing sensitive or critical information being shared outside your network

Real-time behavioural monitoring

Tracking anomalies on your networks to identify potential breaches.

We’ll give you more visibility over your IT systems, so you can keep your data and networks

Robust IT cyber security against external threats

Phishing, malware, payment scams – just some of the external threats you need to protect your business from.  Gone are the days when you simply add anti-virus software to all computers and hope for the best.  Attacks are now more sophisticated which means you need to do more to protect your business data and systems.

That’s why we recommend “The Onion Approach” to IT security. Instead of having just one layer of defence, you employ several which reduces both the opportunities and access points for potential attackers, but “The Onion Approach” doesn’t just stop at software – it’s also about education, which is why we provide training on areas such as secure working practices, password management best practices, and how to spot a phishing email.

If you also need some physical security to safeguard your premises, we can advise on and install CCTV and access control systems.

Working closely with you we can recommend and integrate a number of security elements such as:

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication

Adding extra layers of security by asking for user-specific verification

Next generation firewalls

Protecting your servers and networks from unauthorised access

Industry leading anti-virus & anti-malware

For the protection, detection, and removal of threats and malware


Stopping unsolicited and unwanted messages getting to a user’s inbox

Password management

Giving employees an easy way to manage unique and complex login credentials

Data backups

Giving you peace of mind should the worst happen

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Local IT support for your security solutions

Protecting your networks, systems, and data from the threat of attack is vital, especially given the punitive GDPR fines if you suffer a breach. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help integrate robust IT cyber security into your business.

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